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Sand Castles, 1995
In 1995, I was at my favorite beach - Wildwood, New Jersey. This beach is very wide, which means I can build my castle as large as I like, and there is still plenty of room for everyone else. The sand here is also some of the best I have ever found for sand castle building. Very clean and fine-grained. The first castle of 1995 didn't last long because I built it right next to the ocean, and the high tide demolished it. Most times, I am on the other side of the dunes, where there is less chance of this happening, and where it is also less crowded. Sometimes when it rains heavily, the rain collects behind the dunes and forms temporary lakes. Building a castle in the middle of one of these is more work, because you first must build an island. Sometimes people ask me if I do anything other than castles; the answer is "yes" but not often. I did try a "dragon" in 1995, but went back to castles.

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