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Sand Castles, 1998
In 1998, we arrived at the beach in the middle of a Sunday afternoon. Not wanting to waste even a partial day at the beach, I built one tower, maybe 3 feet tall. The doorway cut all the way through the base was an afterthought, and doesn't add much to the tower's appearance. It does illustrate the fact that you only need to leave "just enough" sand to support the tower. If you want the illustration of what happens when you take away one scoop too much, just imagine a pile of sand. I don't take pictures of those....
On Monday, I built a bigger castle, but was chased off the beach by a thunderstorm. The left photo in the second row shows the castle on Tuesday, with several new towers added, but the rain-pocked towers still standing from Monday. The photo next to it shows the castle on Wednesday, with a new tall tower at the right. On Thursday, we made a day trip to Atlantic City, but on Friday, I decided to build a "really big" tower. Really big, as in over 12 feet tall! The only problem was that it took so long to finish that I couldn't take any good photos at the end of the day, because the sun had gone down. Saturday morning, as seen in the last two photos, the top of the tower had dried out and fallen, but the bottom 10 feet were still standing, showing the house-lined road climbing part way up the tower, and the steps continuing the rest of the way.

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