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Sand Castles, 2010
In 2010, after a couple of years at the South end of the Wildwood boardwalk, I was back at the North end of the boardwalk. A project had just been completed, to construct sand dunes and raise the level of the beach, in order to reduce damage to the town during storms. Unfortunately, this meant that on the first day there, I had to dig down five and a half feet before reaching the water level. The other days on this trip, I moved to just above the high tide mark, where I could reach water only three feet down.
Two of these photos show "in progress" scenes of the moat and the quarry for my soaked castle-making sand.
At the bottom of the page is a photo of a horseshoe crab which washed up on the beach.

The moat under construction. The quarry from which the sand comes.
The angle of from which the photograph is taken can make a tremendous difference in the image produced.
caption goes here.
The city gate and some of the houses inside the walls. The castle and some of the houses outside the walls.
Horseshoe Crab.

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