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Selected Links to Other Web Sites

(Now somewhat sorted due to "popular" demand - you both know who you are.    ;-).)

General Reference Sites

Telephone number listings.

Telephone number listings.

Probably the biggest search engine on the web.

United States Naval Observatory
Click on the "usno" link to find out what the "official" time is, according to the United States master clock.

Urban Myths
Is it a true story or just an urban myth? Find out here.

Computer Programming Sites

Bare Bones HTML Guide
A guide to Hyper Text Markup Language for web programmers

Java Information
Official Sun Microsystems web site

Colossal Cave History
History of the classic computer game "Colossal Cave" which goes back to the days when there were no pictures on computers (it's all text.)

Religion & Philosophy Sites

Catholics on the Internet

Philadelphia Archdiocese

Mass Times
Find out when Catholic Mass is celebrated in various cities - good site for travelers

Buying and Selling Sites

B & H Photo & Video
Large supplier of photo and video equipment in New York City.

CDNow (now part of Amazon.com)
A large source of compact discs, music, etc.

Giant internet auction site.

Did you break a plate, or just want additional pieces for the set? Search here for exactly what you need.

Job Search & Finance Sites

Find a new job here, or find new employees here.

Another large job-listing and searching site.

U. S. Savings Bonds
Information about U. S. Savings Bonds (government site)

Internal Revenue Service
Information about federal taxes (government site)
I was involved with an update of this site a few years ago, but being what it is, you can't see any of my creative spirit on the site. The customer is always right. ;-)

Federal Trade Commission

Government agency watching over businesses nationwide to ensure they are treating you fairly. Through this site, you can lodge complaints against unscrupulous companies, or check your credit report. You can do this for free (without subscribing to anything else) once a year, by following the instructions on the site. You can also pay a fee and check your credit at the three major bureaus whenever you like, by following the links below:

One of the "big three" credit reporting services.

One of the "big three" credit reporting services.

One of the "big three" credit reporting services.

Science and Nature Sites

Heavens Above
Astronomical information; find out where to look in the sky

United States Geological Survey
Geology information

National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration
Weather and ocean information

Steel Mill
Steel and how it is made

...and why they change color in the autumn.

The "nuked" CD
Did you ever wonder what would happen if you put a compact disc in the microwave. Don't try it yourself; see the experiment done at this site.

Art Sites

Sons of the Beach
Would you believe - professional sand castle builders!

Calligraphy Web Ring
A "ring" of web sites about calligraphy.

A site full of optical illusions.

Bodleian Library Oxford
Calligraphy and illuminated manuscript information.

University of Chicago
Information and images from the University of Chicago, of the illuminated Hours of the Duc de Berry.

M. C. Escher
Samples of the art of M. C. Escher

M. C. Escher
Understanding the art of M. C. Escher and the science of tesselation or "regular division of the plane"

Photography Sites

Autochrome Process
Information about this early method of producing color photographs.

Fuji Film
Manufacturers of film and photography-related products.

The Photographic Society of America

PSA Electronic Imaging Division
Information and resources dealing with digital photography.

Upper Merion Camera Club
Camera Club in Upper Merion Township (King of Prussia) Pennsylvania (near Philadelphia.)

Delaware County Camera Club
A camera club in Delaware County, Pennsylvania (near Philadelphia.)

JCC Camera Club
A camera club in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Ritz Camera
Retail store selling photographic supplies and services.

Food & Beverage Sites

Cooking information and recipes.

Recipes for all kinds of food.

Recipes for all kinds of food.

Recipes for all kinds of food.


Model Railroad Sites

Chelten Hills Model Railroad Club
A club in Elkins Park (Philadelphia area.) This is the one with the famous lift bridge across the aisle.

GATSME Model Railroad Club
Model railroad club in Fort Washington (Philadelphia area.)

Keystone N-Trak
N-scale model railroad club in Kulpsville (Philadelphia area.)

Logan Model Engineers
Model railroad club in Souderton (Philadelphia area.)

Oaks Model Railroad Club
Although the layout was dismantled, and the club reorganized as Royersford Modular Model Railroaders, John Almeida has kept the Oaks web site active.

Penn State Model Railroad Club
Penn State's model railroad club, located in University Park.

Burlington County Model Railroad Club
Model railroad club in Cinnaminson, NJ (near Philadelphia.)

Gateway Model Railroad Club
Model railroad club in Brooklawn, NJ (near Philadelphia.)

Jersey Valley Model Railroad Club
Model railroad club in southern New Jersey.

The Model Railroad Club
A very large club, located in Union City, New Jersey (near New York City.)

National Model Railroad Association. The group that set most of the standards used in model railroading in the United States.

Philadelphia Chapter of the NMRA
The local chapter of the National Model Railroad Association.

Athearn Models
Manufacturers of model railroad equipment.

Atlas Model Railroad Company
Manufacturers of model railroad equipment.

Bethlehem Car Works
Manufacturers of model railroad equipment. Models of cars for the Reading Railroad, Pennsylvania Railroad, and others. Also trucks and other parts for railroad cars.

Bowser Model Railroad Company
Manufacturers of model railroad equipment, especially Pennsylvania Railroad locomotives and cars, but plenty of other kits also.

Details West
Manufacturers of detail parts, to "dress up" and super-detail those plain kits.

Manufacturers of digital control systems for model railroads.

North Coast Systems
Manufacturers of digital control systems for model railroads.

Train Control Systems
Manufacturers of digital control systems for model railroads.

Eastern Car Works
Manufacturers of model railroad kits.

Kadee Quality Products
Manufacturers of couplers, trucks, and model railroad cars.

Stewart Hobbies
Manufacturers of model railroad equipment. Now part of Bowser.

Railroad Sites

A large site with links to model railroad and real railroad sites.

PRR Towers
A site about switch towers of the Pennsylvania Railroad.
Images of the French TGV
Now that's a fast train!

End of the Line
A caboose that has seen better days.

Horseshoe Curve
(landmark on the former Pennsylvania Railroad)

Reading Railroad Steam Locomotive Roster

Railroad Air Horns
Everything you ever wanted to know about railroad air horns (and maybe more.)

America's inter-city passenger railroad (corporate web site)

Cape May Seashore Lines
Scenic railroad in Southern New Jersey

Conrail Cyclopedia(unofficial site)

CSX Photos(unofficial site)

Hagley Museum(Wilmington, Delaware)

National Railway Historical Society

Operation Lifesaver
Railroad safety program

PRR Technical & Historical Society
Preserving the history of the Pennsylvania Railroad

General Transportation Sites

Cargo Law
All kinds of transportation information; legal info and photos of transportation incidents.

American Fighting Ships
Information about America's military vessels, past and present

Sailing ship information
Information about all those sails and ropes you have wondered about.

SS United States
Some information about the SS United States, now docked in Philadelphia awaiting possible renovation.

Ship vs. Pier
Three-point turns can be difficult, especially when driving something a few hundred feet long!

Signal Flags
Meanings of international signal flags, as seen on ships and boats.

Airliner Information
If you want to know a little about the plane you are about to fly on, check out the data here.

Travel & Geography Sites

Travel web site; find schedules and buy tickets

Travel web site; find schedules and buy tickets

Rick Steves
Author of travel guides for travelers to Europe

Map Quest
Find locations and maps

Topographic maps and more.

Information about highways in Pennsylvania.

Information about roads and highways in the Philadelphia area.

Pennsylvania Sites
(outside the city of Philadelphia)

Pennsylvania PowerPort
Web site of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Montgomery County
Web site of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

Norristown Farm Park
A county park, partially in two townships and a municipality. It features hiking trails, but is also a working farm.

Chadds Ford Winery
Pennsylvania winery located in Chadds Ford.

Mercer Museum
Bucks County Historical Society. Located in Doylestown (Bucks County) the Mercer Museum contains Americana and artifacts collected by Mr. Mercer.

Allegheny State Forest
Part of the Pennsylvania system of state parks, accessible through this site.

Philadelphia Area Sightseeing
(those outside the city are listed separately)

Philadelphia Museum of Art
(Viewing this site requires Flash.)
This museum's collections contain art from various periods of history. Sculpture, painting, metalwork, even a few complete rooms from other buildings are on display in its galleries.

Franklin Institute
Named for Benjamin Franklin, this science museum has exhibits suitable for children and for adults.

Independence Seaport Museum
On the Delaware River, this museum is home to a WWII submarine and the cruiser Olympia, among other exhibits.

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
An educational institution and museum, located in center city Philadelphia.

The Philadelphia Inquirer
The largest newspaper in the city.

The Philadelphia Orchestra.

University of Pennsylvania Museum
The museum of the University of Pennsylvania. Extensive exhibits on archaology and anthropology.

The Schuylkill Navy
Information about Boathouse Row, and the rowing clubs along that part of the Schuylkill River.

Public television, channel 12.

Public television, channel 35.

Miscellaneous Links

KYW 1060
News Radio Station in Philadelphia

word origins
Origins of words.

United States Postal Service
Find zip codes, rates, and rules

Boston Marathon
Information about this famous race.

New York City Marathon
Information about this famous race.

If you played, check your numbers here

Easter Eggs
In this case, hidden bonuses in software and other places.

Tim Beauchamp's Web Site, named for a very large number (not to be confused with google.com)

  Links are provided for convenience, but only you can determine which sites are reliable and meet your own needs.
If you find any links that are inaccurate, please let me know. I do check most of them from time to time, but this site is maintained in my spare time, so I may miss a change from time to time.

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