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Real Railroads

Railroad Information Within This Site
Railroad Photo Gallery Some of my photos of railroad scenes.
Steam Locomotive Types You may know what the wheel arrangement was for an Atlantic, but how about a Mastadon or a Gobernador? This chart shows the names given to various types of steam locomotives. For Pennsy and Reading fans, there are even columns showing those railroads' class letter designations.
Diesel Locomotive Models A follow-up to the steam locomotive chart, this page shows diesel locomotive models along with their manufacturers, wheel arrangements, and typical uses.
Stony Creek Branch A work in progress on the history of the Stony Creek Branch, between Norristown and Lansdale, Pennsylvania.

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Railroad Information and Photography Links
(corporate web site)
America's long-distance passenger railroad. For information on routes and schedules, or to buy tickets, check out Amtrak's web site.
(corporate web site)
Conrail Shared Assets Operations. This company handles terminal operations in several metropolitan areas. Mainline operations of the former Conrail are now under control of CSX Transportation and Norfolk Southern.
Conrail Cyclopedia
(railfan web site)
Photographs and other references about Conrail and its equipment.
Conrail Technical Society Technical and historical information about "Big Blue."
 CSX Transportation
(corporate website)
CSX operates former Chessie and Seaboard System lines as well as portions of the former Conrail.
 Norfolk Southern Corporation
(corporate website)
Norfolk Southern operates former Norfolk & Western and Southern Railway lines as well as portions of the former Conrail.
Pennsylvania Railroad Technical & Historical Society Preserving the history of the "Standard Railroad of the World.".
Reading Company Technical & Historical Society Preserving the history of the Reading Railroad.
(corporate website)
South Eastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority. Operators of commuter trains, trolleys, and buses in the greater Philadelphia area. This site includes complete schedule and fare information.
Five Chime Consultants Everything you ever wanted to know about airhorns. Sound samples, too!
Operation Lifesaver Operation Lifesaver is a program for teaching railroad safety. Cross tracks safely! Watch trains safely!
Stan's Railpix
(railfan web site)
Photographs of railroad subjects.
RailServe Railroad information and links.
TrainWeb Railroad information and links.
The Railroad Press Magazine with railroad photography and articles.

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Scanner Radio Information
Scanners Scanner frequencies and other information.
Railroad Scanners Railroad scanner frequencies and other information.

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Maps and Travel Information
Mapquest Maps and travel information.
Topozone Topographic maps.

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