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Three locomotives, still in Conrail blue paint, at Abrams yard, in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. August, 2002.

PRR 7000 at Cape May City, New Jersey

PRR 7000 seen from the other side.

Cape May Seashore Lines operates passenger service between Cape May City and the 4-H Fairgrounds near Cape May Court House, using RDCs (Rail Diesel Cars) like these.

Take the train and avoid the driving hassle.

EMD E-7A locomotive at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, in Strasburg, PA. This museum focuses on railroad equipment used or built in Pennsylvania. Baldwin Locomotive Works (Philadelphia) and General Electric (Erie) were two of the large locomotive builders located in the state. This locomotive, although not built in Pennsylvania, was used by the Pennsylvania Railroad, the largest railroad company in the state.

The Philadelphia skyline seen from the Market-Frankford Subway/Elevated line west of the city. An efficient and relatively inexpensive way to get around. The line runs below the streets for about 35 blocks, but outside of the central part of the city, is elevated above the street level. I rode this line daily on my way to work for a few months in 2001. Unfortunately, the photo does not do justice to the beauty of the sunrise that day.

Across the street from the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, the Strasburg Railroad still uses steam engines to pull passenger trains full of railroad enthusiasts along their railroad line through the countryside.

Here's an unusual visitor at Strasburg. This Reading Railroad FP-7, and number 900, have been restored by the National Railway Historical Society and the Reading Company Technical & Historical Society. These locomotives were visiting Strasburg with a train full of "railfans" (railroad fans) from Philadelphia.
Yes, the webmaster was one of them!

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