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Sand Castles

In the summer time, I usually spend one week at the beach and spend most of that week building sand castles. Some people go to the beach to swim or surf, or to lie in the sun and get a tan, but I take a couple of tons of sand and turn it into a sculpture. If the weather cooperates, these castles can sometimes last 3-4 days before crumbling. The goal here is to have fun building them, so I don't care that they don't last forever. I also take pictures of each castle so in a way, they do last forever. And it's much easier to find storage space for the photos than it would be for a series of castles.

These are photo galleries of some of the castles I have built in the last few years:

1995 1996 1997
1998 1999 2000
2001 2004 2010

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